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Unfortunately, we learned this the hard way. We hired Zara Plumbing & Heating 6months ago. The owner, a tall man from Croatia by the name of Mladen, responded to our call immediately. We needed plumbing and a sprinkler system installed for a new development site.

Our first impression was that he was prompt and professional. He was licensed and seemed to have everything in order. All that went out the window once we put down the deposit. He literally disappeared the first day on the job.

He showed up a week later claiming that a family member had passed away. We let it go and he very quickly caught up on the plumbing and got started on the sprinkler system. When we paid him the second installment he disappeared again and never returned. To make matters worse we soon discovered that he lied to us about having a work permit for the sprinkler system.

He also lied about hiring an engineer to file an application with the DEP to have our water tested. This set us back almost 6months and prevented us from opening on our target date. Needless to say we are suing him.

Please do yourself a favor and do not be scammed by this man and his company. Zara Plumbing & Heating is NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!!

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Their name is as above


Zara Plumbing & Heating Corp now trades as Aqueduct Plumbing & Heating Corp...same bull, different name

Cusick, Washington, United States #431285

No, Mladen Vidaich does not have a plumbers license. He uses Nick Koullias' license and you probably never saw him.

Cusick, Washington, United States #407913

please email me as I am the one with the other complaint here to

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